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Our Learning Environment

At BFCs, we believe our school environments are reflective of our identity. Every BFCs environment is meticulously planned to ensure spaces, equipment, and resources to fully support learning and remain sensitive to the constant interplay between theory and practice. Our learning environments provide powerful contexts for learning, we see students as protagonists, leading characters, in the learning journey for whom the environment continuously develops, evolves, and transforms. It is in such an environment that students s develop ideas, theories, and understanding; it is here that they reflect on the ‘what’ as well as on the ‘how’ of their learning (metacognition).

Bahria Foundation Colleges have embraced the technology whole heartedly. Our Enhanced Learning Environment (ELE) integrates technology seamlessly into teaching and learning, where the digital natives of the 21st century thrive on the unlimited opportunities technology provides. Our ELE classrooms are equipped with the latest education technology selected to enrich the curriculum and inspire learners to follow their interests, be it exploring the moon, or taking on the role of an astronaut, the learning possibilities are dynamic and endless.

BEATS Houses

The college students are divided into four houses:





Each house comprises an almost equal number of students. This division is only for the purpose of annual competitions.

Facilities & Resources

The facilities and resources at Bahria Foundation Colleges provide optimum learning opportunities to students and teachers. Bahria Foundation Colleges have mostly state-of-the-art purposest built campuses considering 21-century academic requirements. The campuses provide a safe and comfortable environment for students and have specialized areas developed in accordance with the developmental needs of the students. Facilities provided at Bahria Foundation Schools/Colleges are:

  • 1.

    Computer Lab
  • 2.

    Science Labs
  • 3.

  • 4.

    Smart board/Multi-media
  • 5.

    Montessori Activity Room
  • 6.

    Montessori kit
  • 7.

    Examination Hall
  • 8.

    Conference/Training Rooms
  • 9.

  • 10.

    Play Area (pre-primary students)