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BFC Academic Streams

The medium of instruction at BFCs is English.
The academic division of the School/College is as below:

1. Montessori Section

a. Junior Montessori

b. Senior Montessori

c. Advanced Montessori

2- Primary Section

a. Grade 1
b. Grade 2
c. Grade 3
d. Grade 4
e. Grade 5

3- Secondary Section

a. Grade 6
b. Grade 7
c. Grade 8
d. Grade 9
e. Grade 10


5- O Level

BEATS Houses

The college students are divided into four houses:





Each house comprises an almost equal number of students. This division is only for the purpose of annual competitions.

Academics & Curriculum

Academic Session

The academic session of BFC commences in March and ends in February of the following year except HSSC, which ends in May. The academic session of O-Level starts in August each year.

Inter-College Transfers

Students desiring transfer from Bahria Foundation College in one city to Bahria College in another city would be provided this facility free of cost subject to the availiblity of seat. However the families need to pay the differnce of security deposit.

Religious Education

Bahria Foundation shows special concern for religious education. The following steps have been taken in this context:

a. School starts with Quran recitation in the morning assembly with Urdu/English translation

b. Quranic Education has been formally introduced as a part of BFC curriculum

c. Quranic Education is taught by subject specialist teachers

ISMS & SMS Caster

BFC administrative and financial matters are managed through Integrated School Management System (ISMS), which is controlled by the Regional Offices. Parents are informed of student attendance and various college activities through SMS caster on their mobile numbers.

Policies & Procedures


Secure Attendance Through Face Recognition

It is mandatory for all students to attend at least 75% of lessons in each subject. Upon failing to
meet this condition, they will not be allowed to sit for any annual examination of BFC.

The students would be responsible for the completion of their classwork and practical journals. In addition, preparatory and sendup exams are also conducted prior to enlisting students for board exams. It is mandatory for students to quality these exams/tests.

Students Leave Rules

Following are the leaves rules for students:

a. Applications must be forwarded by parents/guardians to the principal/Sr. Coordinator

b. Leave will be granted for unavoidable circumstances

c. Leave for reasons other than sudden illness. accident or death of a close relative must be applied for well before time

Assessment Policy

Students are tested under the following assessments:

a. Assessments: 02 in each term

b. Term Examination: 02

Promotion Policy

Examinations up to class IV are conducted in house by the College and examinations from class V to VII are conducted centrally. The promotion policy is as follows:

a. Final percentage is tabulated on the basis of 50% weightage of both the 1st and 2nd terminal examination

b. The passing percentage is 45% in aggregate

c. The passing percentage for each subject is 40%

d. Failing in three subjects is considered a failure
in the final examination

Summer / Winter Breaks & Vacations

A general overview of summer/winter breaks is
as follows:

a. Summer Vacation (June-August)
b. Winter Vacation (Dec-Jan)

c. Federal Government gazetted holidays

d. Special Occasions, if allowed by administration/Provincial Government etc.

Timings & Working Hours

The College working hours depend on the local
climate conditions and are promulgated by the
Principal. Montessori classes will, however,
finish a period earlier. Changes in college
working hours, if any, will normally be notified
on the respective college notice boards.