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    Bahria Foundation was established by the Government of Pakistan as a Charitable Trust under the Endowment Act of 1890 by Gazette Notification No. F-8-2/80-SW-II dated 7th January 1982 for the welfare of its beneficiaries, which sets aims and objectives inter alia as under:
  • I.

    To provide scholarships to the dependents of retired or serving beneficiaries for the purpose of education at approved institutions;
  • II.

    To establish and maintain and to aid and promote charitable institutions, hospitals, nursery, homes, orphanages and houses for the disabled beneficiaries to train and equip the beneficiaries to become self-supporting and decent citizens;
  • III.

    To open, find, run, maintain, aid, promote and continue educational and vocational schools, colleges or other similar institutions for the beneficiaries;
  • IV.

    To establish, maintain and run, boarding houses and residential institutions for the beneficiaries;
  • B

    A Committee of Administration headed by the Chief of Naval Staff, as its Chairman, acts as the Supreme Governing Body of Bahria Foundation. A Board of Directors headed by Managing Director is the corporate body responsible for overseeing operational activities of the Bahria Foundation. The Managing Director, being the executive head, manages all activities of the Foundation.
  • C

    The Bahria Foundation is engaged in diversified industrial, commercial and development activities. In addition, Bahria Foundation is also engaged in the noblest activity of education. For this purpose, Bahria Education and Training Services (BEATS) was established in 1998 and ever since it has vigorously pursued the goal of providing quality education to the children all over the country. To meet the emerging challenges and to harness the opportunities, ‘Bahria Education and Training Service’ has transformed into an independent and sustainable entity as “Bahria Education and Training System” (BEATS) to meet the emerging challenges.


Bahria Education & Training Services (BEATS) was established in 1998 following the vision of Bahria Foundation to spread education facilities all over the country, especially in under-developed areas.

BEATS has progressed well over the years and is presently operating more than 80 Bahria Foundation Colleges located all across Pakistan. BEATS is catering to the educational needs of approximately 30,000 students in rural and urban areas of Pakistan. BEATS also own training institutes to train their teachers. The foundation ensures quality education through vigorous monitoring and academic audits.


Bahria Foundation has always given immense importance to quality education and is therefore, pursuing persistently for the promotion of education by establishing Bahria Foundation Colleges (BFCs) all over the country, particularly, in semi urban and under developed areas. For this purpose, a separate division known as Bahria Education & Training Services (BEATS) was established in 1998. Since then, BEATS has earned a reputation of excellence in quality education, discipline and character building. To date BEATS has established more than 80 BFCs all over Pakistan (more than 40 in North, 10 in Centre and 20 in South Region) with strength of over 32,000 students and has provided employment to over 3,600 personnel of Pakistan Navy/ Armed Forces retired personnel and local community of the area, faculty and non-faculty staff.

Vision of BEATS

“To provide sustainable development opportunities to All through innovative and inclusive educational activities aligned with national aspirations and global outlook”

Mission of BEATS

“To provide quality and affordable education for equipping the beneficiaries with knowledge and skills for self-sustainability and socio-economic growth”

Our Objectives


BEATS has recently accomplished the following:

  • Vocational Training Center (VTC) at Bhara Kahu-Islamabad (Operating & affiliated with National Training Bureau – NTB)

  • Bahria Foundation Training Institute (BAHRIA FOUNDATION TI) at Anchorage-Islamabad (Operating & affiliated with Skill Development Council – SDC)

  • Bahria Foundation Vocational & Technical Training Institute, at Murree

  • Bahria Foundation Teachers Training Institute is at the Feasibility stage. The Institute will be established preferably in Anchorage/surrounding areas with hostel facilities

MD's Message

Vice Admiral Imran Ahmed HI (M)

It’s an honor and profound privilege for me, to head such a professional, dedicated and committed organization.

To me, Bahria Foundation is an amalgam of highly disciplined & experienced retired personnel from the Pakistan Navy and talented professionals from all fields, which is the key to all our success stories so far, with many more are in the making. Bahria Foundation has, since its establishment in 1982, achieved many milestones, may it be services to humanity in terms of education, training, environment, welfare programs for serving & retired Pakistan Navy personnel, tourism, as well as towards the economy in terms of large estate infrastructure, employment and rehabilitation of retired Navy personnel, awareness programs about blue economy & the maritime sector with the largest share in the shape of projects like, Bahria Classification Society, Bahria Transshipment Hub, Dredging Company to name a few.